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RE: Best way to merge two local DITs vs empty search base suffix


> You can do this just fine.  I do it in all my installs.  
> You simply need to declare them in the right order.  I.e., you must declare monitor, etc before the empty suffix.

I did not realize that the order was important.

Thank you very much !

For meta backend it can be a good add-on feature to avoid
generating a tcp connection to connect to localhost as the
relay backend does.

People may not realise that for one client connection to a 
meta DB the server is generating N parallels tcp connections
(equal to the number of suffixmassage) to the target server 
(localhost). It will reach easily the default 32 threads
on the ldap server.

Then if you increase the number of thread you will get 
"warning, threads=128 larger than twice the default (2*16=32); YMMV."

If found another kind of "issue" with meta with localhost 
that it will act as a ldap client connecting to it self
and you may skip the fact that it needs to have full read
credential. Even if you connect with ldapsearch as super
user (cn=admin,..) on a meta DIT you will not get a full 
access to the tree because the "client" by default is 
anonymous so it has restricted ACL.

Best Regards,
Guy Baconnière