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Re: OU string representation in openldap

<rahul.manchanda@bt.com> writes:

> Hello,
> One of the our application functionality reads the hosts data from the ldap particularly dn – “ou=hosts, ou=
> hostdata,o=BT” and from application point this dn will be updated when we add any new hosts in
> administration tab. In application there is no restriction on the host name to be entered. It can be
> anything mean it can accept _ (underscore) , (comma) .(dot). But when this code snippet reads this DN and in
> case if the ou has characters like  . or  , or _  it will throw exception when it reads such dn(s).
> We tried changing putting string syntax to this particular attribute and tried but getting the same results.
> Is this the expected behavior? And is there a way we can change this behavior?

Yes this is expected behaviour, this special characters have to be
escaped. See RFC-4514 in particular section 2.4


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