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User restriction


I'm migrating from a Sun One DS service to Openldap 2.4. In our current setup, the ldap.conf on each client the nss_base_passwd line is configured as

nss_base_passwd         ou=people,dc=ldn,dc=sw,dc=com?sub?ismemberof=cn=access,ou=auth,dc=ldn,dc=sw,dc=com

This ensures that only users within the CN 'access' can login to the servers.

Have exported and imported the data and carried out necessary cleaning up work, the ldapsearch brings back identical output when examining 'cn=access,ou=auth,dc=ldn,dc=sw,dc=com' but on my client which talks to the Openldap server, I cannot login with any accounts is the above setting is in place.

I'm presuming that the issue is about the config of the above line but try as I might I can't get it to work correctly.

Any help would be appreciated.


Stuart Cherrington.

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