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Re: [Fwd: Support for ordering matching rules in extensible match filters?]

--On Saturday, April 24, 2010 8:15 PM +0200 deepee@gmx.net wrote:


first of all, please excuse me if I've hit the wrong openldap mailinglist.

My question below is related to section 4.1 of RFC4517 which says:

   Servers that implement the extensibleMatch filter SHOULD allow the
   matching rules listed in Section 4.2 to be used in the
   extensibleMatch filter and SHOULD allow matching rules to be used
   with all attribute types known to the server, where the assertion
   syntax of the matching rule is the same as the value syntax of the

Could someone please explain to me why openldap currently doesn't support
for example 'caseIgnoreOrderingMatch' (which is listed in section 4.2 of
RFC4517) in extensible match filters? Of course I've seen the two SHOULDs
above - I just don't understand the openldap related technical/design
decision regarding the missing support and would be very happy if someone
could please explain this to me.

Probably no one has implemented them previously. You could file an ITS with your contribution for consideration at <http://www.openldap.org/its>. Make sure you read the contribution guidelines:




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