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Re: Support for multiple suffixes in openldap

> Hello all:
>   Is there any work around to get multiple suffixes working in openldap
> for multiple domains
> I saw this info in one of the links which says you have to add this
> #define BDB_MULTIPLE_SUFFIXES and then compile.
> Note: As of OpenLDAP, the default configuration will allow only
> one suffix to be defined for each bdb database. The C preprocessor
> directive #define BDB_MULTIPLE_SUFFIXES (file:
> servers/slapd/back-bdb/init.c) may be used if you want to compile in
> multiple suffix support. If you use it, subtree indexing will slow down by
> factor of 2. The use of suffixAlias is no longer supported by default in
> version 2.1.13.
>  Is there any short cut to get multiple suffixes working without having to
> re-compile everything again. Any shortcuts really appreciated

Don't do that.  First of all, think if you really need multiple suffixes
in a single databases.  In most cases, this requirement can be relaxed by
setting each suffix in a separate database.  If you think you really need
to have multiple suffixes, you can use a single database rooted at "", the
empty DN.