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Support for multiple suffixes in openldap

Hello all:
  Is there any work around to get multiple suffixes working in openldap for multiple domains
I saw this info in one of the links which says you have to add this #define BDB_MULTIPLE_SUFFIXES and then compile.
Note: As of OpenLDAP, the default configuration will allow only one suffix to be defined for each bdb database. The C preprocessor directive #define BDB_MULTIPLE_SUFFIXES (file: servers/slapd/back-bdb/init.c) may be used if you want to compile in multiple suffix support. If you use it, subtree indexing will slow down by factor of 2. The use of suffixAlias is no longer supported by default in version 2.1.13.
 Is there any short cut to get multiple suffixes working without having to re-compile everything again. Any shortcuts really appreciated