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i am running a directory service which will hold about a million entries which is running openldap mean time, i m runnig a oracle DB which holds the same db for SQL clients and i store the same data in openldap as well for the client of directory services, now what i want is to run a single DB (oracle) and openldap should be able to access it from there or any other directory service, 

now  i want a good suggestion from you people whether i should run Oracle Internet Directory and make changes in SQL db which is reflected in Directory.

second option is to run ldap but compiled with oracle DB as backend besides BDB so the data is saved in one place and when ever directory client accesses it openldap fetches it from the oracle DB and replies to client.

third option is that i run it as it is with duplicating data in both oracle db and openldap but i am only worried for the performance issues in future ill face.

Ill be thank full for the help.