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Re: ldap

Am Sat, 27 Mar 2010 16:20:33 +0500
schrieb Shabbir Ahmed <shabbir.ahmed@ntspl.net>:

> hi,
> i am running a directory service which will hold about a million
> entries which is running openldap mean time, i m runnig a oracle DB
> which holds the same db for SQL clients and i store the same data in
> openldap as well for the client of directory services, now what i
> want is to run a single DB (oracle) and openldap should be able to
> access it from there or any other directory service,
> now  i want a good suggestion from you people whether i should run
> Oracle Internet Directory and make changes in SQL db which is
> reflected in Directory.
> second option is to run ldap but compiled with oracle DB as backend
> besides BDB so the data is saved in one place and when ever directory
> client accesses it openldap fetches it from the oracle DB and replies
> to client.
> third option is that i run it as it is with duplicating data in both
> oracle db and openldap but i am only worried for the performance
> issues in future ill face.

You have a few more options.
- You may compile openldap with sql support, and create a sql backend
  which has access to your Oracle database,
- you may move your Oracle Database to a mysql cluster and create a ndb


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