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Re: syncrepl not working for pwdFailureTime attribute

On Tuesday, 2 March 2010 11:51:30 Alex Samad wrote:
> Hi
> I have setup a multi master as per the online doco.
> When I was checking recently, the 2 DB were out of sync, some record
> hadn't been transferred over, I force this by setting -c rid=,csn=
> But whilst checking this, I noticed that some attributes haven't been
> moved across pwdFailureTime was on a record on the primary ldap server and
> not on the secondary master, try what I could I couldn't force it over
> is this a feature or a bug  ?

In my experience with 2.3 and some versions of 2.4, pwdFailureTime etc. 
changes on the provider would be replicated to the consumer, but this does 
introduce other problems.

Are you sure your consumer is replicating *all* attributes (and not just non-
operational attributes)?

Can you post the syncrepl statement on your consumer?

Are you sure your syncrepl binddn has sufficient access to these attributes? If 
unsure, please test (e.g. with ldapsearch, binding as the syncrepl binddn).

You may also want to provide the version you are running.