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Re: a newbie trying to get the basics of syncrepl going

On 25/02/2010 13:42, Seger, Mark wrote:
"With syncrepl, a consumer server can create a replica without
changing provider's configurations and without restarting the
provider server, if the consumer server has appropriate access
privileges for the DIT fragment to be replicated. The consumer
server can stop the replication also without the need for
provider-side changes and restart."

This means that you can add consumer servers to an existing
architecture without having to modify the master's configuration to
add each one (this was not the case with the previous replication
system, slurpd).

But then you say:

You need to modify the master's configuration to use syncrepl. If
you really can't, you cant' use syncrepl, and will have to look
into alternatives to get your data out.

Hope this helps,

I understand what you're saying but doesn't that mean the
documentation is wrong because it says I don't have to change the
providers configuration.

I think the documentation is unclear, possibly confusing.

As I tried to elaborate, what it means is that, given an existing provider/consumer setup, a new consumer server can be added without restarting the provider server.

However, initial setup *does* require changing the configuration of the provider.

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