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RE: a newbie trying to get the basics of syncrepl going

>> "With syncrepl, a consumer server can create a replica without
>> changing provider's configurations and without restarting the
>> provider server, if the consumer server has appropriate access
>> privileges for the DIT fragment to be replicated. The consumer server
>> can stop the replication also without the need for provider-side
>> changes and restart."
>This means that you can add consumer servers to an existing architecture
>without having to modify the master's configuration to add each one
>(this was not the case with the previous replication system, slurpd).

But then you say:

>You need to modify the master's configuration to use syncrepl. If you
>really can't, you cant' use syncrepl, and will have to look into
>alternatives to get your data out.
>Hope this helps,

I understand what you're saying but doesn't that mean the documentation is wrong because it says I don't have to change the providers configuration.

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