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Re: attributes order

--On Sunday, February 21, 2010 1:14 AM +0300 Mihamina Rakotomandimby <mihamina@gulfsat.mg> wrote:

Manao ahoana, Hello, Bonjour,
Hi all
I have 3 custom attributes:
- actionDate
- commentContent
- commentId

I populated my OpenLDAP with a shell script and "ldapadd", and when
searching with "ldapsearch", attributes are displayed all in the order:

- actionDate
- commentContent
- commentId

Now I use the Ocaml LDAP binding (ocamldap) to add several entries.

While searching again, entries added with shell+ldap has the same
atribute order display, but the ones added through the Ocaml binding
are displayed in a different order. That mean while displaying all the
objects (stricly of the same objectClass), I have a mixed attribute
order display.

How could I force openLDAP to always display attributes in the same
order for one objectClass?

There is no ordering guarantee for attribute display. Why would anything need to depend on that? You can use an overlay to order the values of given attributes, but none of that is part of the LDAP specs.



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