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Re: ppolicy & sambaNTPassword

> the option  'ldap passwd sync'  is set  to yes. I  will looking to  the overlay
> smbk5pwd again. But I think it will not resolve the problem because samba makes
> a modify for the samba attributes.
> We  have a  default  ppolicy.  But this  policy  works  only with  pwdAttribute
> userPassword not with  sambaNTPassword. The problem is, that a  User can change
> his password with a Windows Client.  The sambaNTPassword is always set whatever
> in the policy is configured.

If you set 'ldap passwd sync' to 'only' the Samba server triggers an
extended operation for password change and doesn't touch the Samba
attributes. smbk5pwd will take care of the Samba passwords.

Best regards,
Christian Manal