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ppolicy & sambaNTPassword

Hi all,

I  have  a  problem  with  overlay  ppolicy and  samba.  My  samba  backend  is
openldap-2.4.20. I have a default ppolicy and a pwdCheckModule. If I change the
userPassword all works fine. I read the  slapo-ppolicy man page and I know that
the  only pwdAttribute  is  userPassword.  If I  change  the userPassword  with
smbpasswd the policy works also fine. But if I want to change the Password with
a Windows  client the problem begins.  The sambaNTPassword is set  everytime to
the  new Password  because the  ppolicy overlay  checks only  the userPassword.
So  the  both  Passwords  are  different  and  there  is  no  control  for  the

Exists any solution or a workaround for this problem.

Any help is appreciated.

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