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Re: slapd dying, what next?

--On Monday, January 25, 2010 10:29 AM -0600 "Bryan J. Maupin" <bmaupin@uta.edu> wrote:

Well, I went ahead and built just the minimal tcmalloc (and upgraded it
to 1.5 while I was at it), since that seemed to be something that needed
to be fixed anyway.  I installed it to one of our replica servers, and it
ran for about 3 days, and then slapd died again this morning.

So next I'm gonna upgrade to 2.4.21.  I'll probably do it on just one of
our replica servers for now.

1. A 2.4.21 replica should work fine with a 2.4.19 master, correct?
2. On the machine I upgrade, can I just stop slapd, upgrade, and start
slapd again, or should I slapcat/slapadd?

As long as you don't change the underlying BDB version that slapd is linked against, then yes, going from 2.4.19 -> 2.4.21 only requires updating the binaries with a stop, upgrade, start format. ;)



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