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LDAP/Kerberos client config

Hi all,

Now that I'm satisfied with my OpenLDAP/Kerberos server configuration, I'm attempting to devise a suitable (Debian lenny) client setup for it.

Although I hear that it may not be the best approach, I'm currently pursuing a client configuration that includes kstart, libnss-ldap, nscd and libpam-ldap. At the moment I'm happy with all of it except libnss-ldap.

Kstart has no problem obtaining an initial Kerberos ticket, but I can't get libnss-ldap to use it to access the DIT. So far my libnss-ldap.conf looks like:

   base dc=example,dc=com
   uri ldap://ldapks1.example.com/
   ldap_version 3
   rootuse_sasl yes
   krb5_ccname FILE:/tmp/krb5cc_0

Any idea what I might be missing?