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Re: memberOf Overlay

On Thu, Jan 21, 2010 at 6:02 AM, Todd Reed <treed@astate.edu> wrote:
I'm a little confused with implementing the memberOf overlay.  I've seen
some articles talk about the slapd.conf file; others are talking about
an ldif file, etc.  Two questions keep coming to my head everytime.

I have an Ubuntu box with OpenLDAP installed via apt-get.  I need to
utilize the memberOf attribute.

1)  Based on my installation method (OpenLDAP from apt-get), what is the
suggested method to use to obtain the memberOf functionality?

2)  Will I need to create an LDIF file for every group I have or create
in the future?  Is there something I could do in the schema to always
include the memberOf in the every user I create for any group?


I think that the example in the docs is clear enough if you think it over :)


Best regards,
Radek Antoniuk
w: www.radek.org.pl