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Developer's cookbook for adding LDAP support

Are there any good documentation sites or books out there for adding LDAP support to a program?  The ldap(3) man page is pretty sparse.  I’ve been told that basically studying the OpenLDAP source itself is the best way to figure it out, but I’m hoping there’s something better.


I have only very rudimentary knowledge of LDAP in general.  Almost all of my exposure to OpenLDAP was through a helper library that did a lot of work for me, but that was at a previous job.  This is for an open source project.


The application to be updated already has support to get key-value pairs from SQL/ODBC and Sleepycat DB sources, and I have a request to include support for LDAP.  Essentially in the application I am given an email recipient and I need to get from the database a piece of detail I need to append to that outgoing mail.  There’s no standard schema for this (yet; it’s been suggested we create one through the IETF), so I will need to allow administrators to specify which attributes to request.


Any helpful pointers would be appreciated.


Happy holidays,