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Re: Re : OpenLDAP 2.4 - Problem with rewrite overlay


Thank you for your response.I try to test the config file without the microsoft.schema, but i still have the problem. If i delete all the rwm-map lines, OpenLDAP have a good configuration file and start fine.

The microsoft.schema is the file a find in OpenLDAP source (i just put in this file user objectclass, sAMAccountName attribut and all the user class attributes).

When i try to start OpenLDAP, i get the same error. I join you the result in the openldap_start.txt file.

Please keep replies in CC to the list.

I see your problem, it's when you restart the server using the in-directory configuration. I couldn't investigate things further right now; please file an ITS <http://www.openldap.org/its/>