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Re: OpenLDAP 2.4 - Problem with rewrite overlay

> I have to configure an OpenLDAP directory that store some
> informations about users and groups  and that is a proxy with Active
> Directory.
> To do this, i configure two suffix on my openldap server : the first one
> is to store informations about users and groups and the second is for the
> Active Directory proxy (second suffix is embedded in the first one.
> To configure the Active Directory proxy, i use an ldap backend with rwm
> overlay to rewrite some attributes and objectclass.
> When i test my configuration with slaptest binary, i get this error :
> config error processing olcOverlay={0}rwm,olcDatabase={2}ldap,cn=config:
> <olcRwmMap> handler exited with 1
> slaptest: bad configuration directory!

Your configuration has nothing wrong, as far as I can tell.  The
"microsoft.schema" file is not distributed with OpenLDAP; since I don't
have it available, I can't tell for sure, but probably the root cause is

Running your configuration without it, I get

slapd.1.conf: line 78: warning, destination attributeType 'sAMAccountName'
is not defined in schema
PROXIED attributeDescription "SAMACCOUNTNAME" inserted.
slapd.1.conf: line 86: warning, destination objectClass 'user' is not
defined in schema

which might be part of the problem if "sAMAccountName" and "user" are
defined, but incompatible with their usage in slapo-rwm(5).