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Re: restrict host login based on group

Shamika Joshi wrote:
Hi Howard,
Thanks for the reference. From README I understood that I have to do
some setting related to nssov in my slapd.conf, However I can not locate
nssov.so in my machine. I'm running openldap 2.4.18 (as per your post it
should be available in 2.4.11onwards with NSS support)

Do I need to add any more packages or upgrade to some version of
openldap that supports this? I tried to locate this information but
could find it. Could you share some information as to how to port this
module over existing openldap setup?

I can't tell you anything about how Fedora (or any other distro, for that matter) packages the OpenLDAP code. Ask the people who manage your distro.

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