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Re: bootstrapping mirrormode

Peter Mogensen wrote:
What I do is:

1) Took an slapcat generated LDIF from a 2.3.x setup
2) Removed all entryCSN and contextCSN lines.
3) Ran "slapadd -S 1 -q -w -l ~/load_noCSN.ldif" on server-1
4) Did a "slapcat > toserver2.ldif" on server-1
5) Started server-1 and let applications create and modify objects.
6) Moved toserver2.ldif to server-2.
7) Ran slapadd -q -l toserver2.ldif on server-2
8) Started server-2

Now - I would expect the objects created on step 5 to appear after a
while on server-2. They are not.

I have discovered, that after load on server-1, the first thing I usually to is to modify the userPassword attribute of the database root object. userPassword is not used by syncrepl, only by an client application. syncrepl uses cn=config which is rootdn in both cn=config and the database.

This of course changes the entryCSN of the root object:
Before the modification:
entryCSN: 20091202100930.380800Z#000000#001#000000
contextCSN: 20091202100930.696427Z#000000#001#000000

After the modification:
contextCSN: 20091202100930.696427Z#000000#001#000000
userPassword:: BASE64
entryCSN: 20091202101058.188515Z#000000#001#000000
modifiersName: cn=config
modifyTimestamp: 20091202101058Z

What surprises me is that contextCSN does not change.
Shouldn't contextCSn change when entryCSN of the root object changes?