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Re: Prebuilt official openldap packages?

Christian Haugan Toldnes <christian.toldnes@ntnu.no> writes:

> Howard Chu wrote:
>> Laurence Field wrote:
>>> Laurence Field wrote:
>> And now you know why (a) we recommend never using slapd as built by your
>> distro vendor (particularly Red Hat and its derivatives) and (b) we always
>> recommend using the most current code.
> As this seems to be the one and only, always true answer, which covers
> all common openldap server scenarios, I can't help but wonder:
> Why are there no pre-built, openldap-crew-certified, latest stable
> version, auto-updateable packages made available for most common server
> distros, including RHEL, CentOS, SLES, Ubuntu LTS and Debian Stable?
> When software are provided in source form only, the burden of
> pre-compilation configuration, compilation and quality assurance are
> placed on the user, which in most cases are less qualified, less
> informed, and less able to keep up to date with the work. Even more
> important, the risk of human error are multiplied by the number of users
> that accept this burden.
> The combination of only releasing the software in source form, frequent
> development in the stable branch (too early too frequent), and
> continuously stating that vendor provided binary packages should NOT be
> used, places this software project way down on the list of software we
> want to include in a production environment, I am sorry to say. Sorry
> both because the alternatives are still quite expensive, and because
> openldap is what we currently use on our rather large and critical LDAP
> cluster.
> This LDAP implementation has the potential to be on the very top of the
> list. But right now, it's found wanting.
> I'm quite sure that we are not the only organization willing to pay good
> money for support contracts that includes up to date packages for our
> server distributions at any time. Feel free to cash in! :)

In fact there are prebuild packages available for a few Linux

Professional support you may get from specialised consultants all over
the world and from selected Linux distributors.


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