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Re: Query performance degrades over time.

Laurence Field wrote:
The answer to this question can probably be gleaned from reading the
openldap-devel archives from the time 2.4 was being first prepared for
release. A lot of profiling and refactoring went into the 2.4 code to improve
performance relative to 2.3. At this point 2.3 is ancient and I've forgotten
everything that we've changed internally, and it's not worth my while to dig
back to remember what we fixed.
Thanks, will start digging.

Just to complete this thread. In the devel list there was quite a bit of discussion about the bdb backend. Debugging suggested that most of the time was spent in the following library.


As a solution, I have just taken the openldap source rpm from Fedora 12 and rebuilt it on CENTOS 5, relocating it to /opt/openldap2.4 and turning off auto-provides.

Thanks for your help.