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Same entry twice in ldapsearch output


It seems weird results are popping up faster than I can assemble test-setups to reproduce.

I ran a test in mirrormode were I:
1) Took an slapcat generated LDIF from a 2.3.x setup
2) Removed all entryCSN and contextCSN lines.
3) Ran "slapadd -S 1 -q -w -l ~/load_noCSN.ldif" on server-1
4) Did a "slapcat > toserver2.ldif" on server-1
5) Started server-1 and let applications create and modify objects.
6) Moved toserver2.ldif to server-2.
7) Ran slapadd -q -l toserver2.ldif on server-2
8) Started server-2

Now - I would expect the objects created on step 5 to appear after a while on server-2. They are not. The reason seems to be that the contextCSN has not been updated properly on server-1.

The contextCSN in the "toserver2.ldif" file from step 4 is:

The contextCSN on both servers are now:

The entry on server-1 having that entryCSN is a modified object, however, the change has not been replicated to server-2.

Likewise, the entryCSN for one created object in step 5 is:
It is not present on server-2, but it appears TWICE in a the result from an ldapsearch (scope sub) on its parent object on server-1.

?!?! .. I'm lost.
From all I know this should not happen on a healthy setup - unless there's something badly wrong with the procedure I've described above.

It's slapd 2.4.19 with BDB4.8