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Re: Racecondition when loading schemas?

--On November 18, 2009 12:15:16 PM +0100 Peter Mogensen <apm@mutex.dk> wrote:


I experience something weird.

I've set up an empty set of mirrormode servers. No databases. Only

Now I try to add a database on server 1 and see it's existance replicated
to server-2. I do this with a small shell-script which calls ldapadd
somthing like this:

for F in $LDIFDIR/*.ldif; do
     ldapadd -YEXTERNAL -H ldapi:/// -f $F

$LDIFDIR contains files like this:


It loads OK, but *almost* always "evolutionperson" does not get
replicated to server-2. That's almost, because *sometime* it does. If I
run the ldapadd command manually it almost always does.

So I figure that there's some kind of race condition which prevents
"evolutionperson" from getting replicated. But I can't see why. It
doesn't depend on anything from the other files. (inetOrgPerson schema is
alread loaded before this).

Sounds like you should file an ITS on this issue if you can reproduce it with current RE24 CVS.



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