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Re: Best practice for choosing RID

Howard Chu wrote:
> Peter Mogensen wrote:
>> So cn=config will use RID 1 and RID 2.
>> When I add a new database it will also have to have 2 syncrepl 
>> directives, but will have to use RID 3 and RID 4 - correct?

Ignore my previous reply. Yes, correct.

>> Now, I would like not to have to specify the RID in the LDIF loaded to 
>> create a new database. In principle I would not know how many other 
>> replications were in place on the server I load it into, so it would be 
>> a bad thing to hardwire the RID into the LDIF for the new database.

>> Are there any mechanism/best practice to do chose new RIDs automatically?

No, there's no automatic mechanism. You might consider using the
olcDatabase={x} numeric index as an offset, e.g. x*10. That of course means
you must ldapadd the database and then read the olcDatabase attribute back,
then ldapmodify to insert the syncrepl directive.

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