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Re: Best practice for choosing RID

Peter Mogensen wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm moving more and more towards loading new databases via ldapadd to 
> cn=config.
> All databases are replicated between two mirrormode servers - including 
> cn=config.
>  From my unserstanding I need to syncrepl directives for each database.
> For cn=config it could be:

> The two directives are needed since the configuration will be replicated 
> and the two servers have to contain the same configuration. As long as 
> Server-2 can recognize it self as <SERVER2> it will ignore the directive 
>   pointing to it self - correct?
> So cn=config will use RID 1 and RID 2.
> When I add a new database it will also have to have 2 syncrepl 
> directives, but will have to use RID 3 and RID 4 - correct?

No. As the docs state in multiple places, RIDs are only significant within a
single server. They don't need to be unique across all servers.

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