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Re: Fwd: syncrepl inseard of back-perl ?

"Brett @Google" <brett.maxfield@gmail.com> writes:

> Hello,
> I was wondering if there are any concrete examples of using syncrepl
> to monitor a slapd for changes, and perform some scripted operation if
> the monitored data changes. I can think of several cases where this
> might be very handy, where you want to run a script or custom business
> logic, on receipt of some data being changed.
> I have seen some examples in the 2.3.x days, where slurpd was used to
> push changes to a back-perl script, which then did some custom
> business logic and it did fill an very useful niche. I imagine these
> post-slurp syncrepl days you could use the syncrepl protocol in a push
> mode via a proxy to push changes at a back-perl instance to the same
> sort of thing.
> But perhaps using syncrepl directly might seem like a better option,
> as this has been touted as a benefit of syncrepl, although i have not
> seen any specific examples.. To this end, i am wondering are the
> syncrepl client parts of slapd usable outside the context of the slapd
> binary? Has anyone tried this and has any examle code they are willing
> to share ?

A simple example is supplied by ldapsearch(1),

ldapsearch -E '!sync=rp' -b dc=example,dc=com


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