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Re: Unable to bind to active directory using TLS

Harish Chakravarthy wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
> Greetings.
> I am unable to bind to active directory using TLS. I get the following
> error while executing my script via the browser
> /*PHP Warning:  ldap_start_tls() [<a
> href='function.ldap-start-tls'>function.ldap-start-tls</a>]: Unable to
> start TLS: Connect error*/
> The same script when executed from the command line works!.
> I have compiled PHP with flags --with-ldap  --with-ldap-sasl
> --with-openssl  . 
> Can you help me further trouble shoot this problem?.
> Thanks
> Harish

And what has <?php php_info() ?> to say? I think there might be two .ini
files - one for command line and one for httpd php module. So, this one
for httpd might be missing:
<whatever is needed>


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