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Re: Reg Adding New Attributes

--On Thursday, September 10, 2009 3:20 PM +0530 Asimananda Mohanty <asimananda.mohanty@gmail.com> wrote:

Hi All,

I have installed OpenLdap and PHPLdapAdmin.

I have added a user which objectclass is :

objectClass inetOrgPerson posixAccount shadowAccount

I need to add a new attribute which will be application specific
(application which will need LDAP authentication and based on the
attribute value, it will provide service to the user).

When I tried to do the same by adding attribute and value to ldif files
and then adding the ldif file, it showed error:

ldap_add: Undefined attribute type (17) additional info: AppAttribute1:
attribute type undefined.

What is AppAttribute1?  It's not a part of any of those schema.



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