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Re: Virtual list view problem

Michael Ströder wrote:
Yes, it not supported. I used given ldapsearch string but it didn't
return anything.
If I want to use virtual list view, for that what should I do.

AFAIK slapo-sssvlv was added recently in latest release 2.4.18. I'm pretty
sure the OpenLDAP developers appreciate it if you test it thoroughly. Also
make sure you read and understand the hints in this overlay's man-page.

I really wonder what you want to achieve with VLV. Maybe using the "Simple
Paged Results" control would be sufficient in your case either?
Yes definitely I will tested thoroughly. You have any idea about how to upgrade openldap.
Because, my openldap version 2.4.15 so, I want upgrade.

I want like this, first time when I search entries, it'll show some limited search result entries after that when ever I click on next or previous buttons search result entries should be listed.

Venish Khant