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Re: Virtual list view problem

Dieter Kluenter wrote:
Venish Khant <venish@deeproot.co.in> writes:

Hi all

I am using cpan Net::LDAP module to access LDAP entries. I want to
search LDAP entries using Net::LDAP  search method. When I do search,
I want some limited  number of entries from search result, for
this(searching) process I am using  Net::LDAP::Control::VLV
module. But I get error on VLV response control. Please, any one have
idea  about this error.
Error:* Died at vlv.pl line 50,

Have you ever checked wether your directory supports virtual list
control at all?


No I didn't check it. How can I check virtual view control support or not.
I have openldap version 2.4

Venish Khant