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Re: Cleaning slapcat(1) LDIF output

>>  For some backend types, your slapd(8) should not be running (at least,
>>  not  in  read-write mode) when you do this to ensure consistency of the
>>  database. It is always safe  to  run  slapcat  with  the  slapd-bdb(5),
>>  slapd-hdb(5), and slapd-null(5) backends.
>> so to answer one needs to know what backend you're referring to.
> Ok. I use bdb backend, so I have to use slapd-bdb(5) as reference. I've
> not found any word about the possibility or not to make copies "on the
> fly".

Please carefully re-read the above text: "IT IS ALWAYS SAFE TO RUN SLAPCAT