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Cleaning slapcat(1) LDIF output

Hi all,

According slapcat(1) man:

"The output of slapcat is intended to be used as input to slapadd(8). The output of slapcat cannot generally be used as input to ldapadd(1) or other LDAP clients without first editing the output. This editing would normally include reordering the records into superior first order and removing no-user-modification operational attributes."

So, I've done:

# making normal LDIF using slapcat(1)
$ slapcat -l test_backup.ldif

# cleaning the LDIF and dump the results in another file
$ egrep -ve '^(entryUUID|creatorsName|structuralObjectClass|createTimestamp|entryCSN|modifiersName|modifyTimestamp): ' \ test_backup.ldif > test_backup_cleaned.ldif

#viewing the differences
$ diff -y test_backup.ldif test_backup_cleaned.ldif | less

¿Is it a correct way to "clean" the initial LDIF you can get with slapcat(1)?

And another minor question

¿Can I use the slapcat(1) tool on the fly? man pages say nothing about it.

Jordi Espasa Clofent