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slow search and connection problem


I am using openldap2.4.16 with bdb 4.5. I am doing search in database using java. When I am doing search for first time, it is connecting and giving response in 4-5 milliseconds. But then its is taking around 100-150ms for search.I don't know what might be the problem. I searched online for this but could not find any solution. Following are my ldap configuration files.

slapd.conf : 
include        /usr/local/etc/openldap/schema/core.schema
include        /usr/local/etc/openldap/schema/xxx.schema
allow bind_v2
concurrency 3
threads 3
database    bdb
suffix        "dc=xxx,dc=com"
rootdn        "cn=Manager,dc=xxx,dc=com"
rootpw        xxx
directory    /usr/local/var/openldap-data
index    objectClass    eq
index    attr1 eq
index    attr2 eq
index    attr3 eq
checkpoint 1024 60
cachesize 1000000

set_cachesize 2 268435456 1
set_lg_dir /opt2/logs
set_data_dir /opt2/db

Please help me with any improvements i must do to get fast search result.

Mukim Pathan