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Re: auth works with cn=My Name but not with uid=myname

Arne Schirmacher <nn4l@yahoo.de> writes:

> This is probably trivial but I can't figure it out:
> my OpenLDAP entry has an attribute of cn=My Name, an attribute of uid=myname and a password.
> I can successfully log in using JXplorer using
> cn=My Name,ou=people,o=my company
> but not using
> uid=myname,ou=people,o=my company (error code 49 - Invalid Credentials)
> However searching with that dn is successful and returns 1 entry, so the uid attribute is in fact there.
> Please advise how I could enable the second login method which I need for exim authentication.

Your example is a simple bind, which requires a DN and a password,
uid=myname,o=people,o=my company is not a DN.
If you want to bind with the uid attribute you try a strong bind based
on a sasl mechanism. For this to enable you have to enable an
authz-regexp in cn=config and only allow plaintext passwords.

olcPasswordHash: {CLEARTEXT}
olcAuthzRegexp: {0}"uid=(.*),cn=.*,cn=auth" "ldap:///o=my company??sub?uid=$1"

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