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Re: Delete operation is delayed...

--On Thursday, July 09, 2009 1:09 PM -0400 Rex Roof <rex@wccnet.edu> wrote:

How are we supposed to be setting up OpenLDAP servers so that we can have
failover?  I want to have a half-dozen OpenLDAP machines and have any one
of them accept writes and not be relying on any one of them to be up for
writes to occur.  I've asked this question numerous times and haven't
ever gotten a reliable answer.   It is starting to get really annoying.

Well, welcome to the world of distributed systems. You probably want back-ndb once a few of its indexing quirks have been worked out, since that uses multiple slapd instances to frontend a single mysql cluster database. You could of course, use mirror mode and chaining as an alternative. But in any sort of distributed system like MMR, changes get delayed.



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