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RE: Case Ignore Ordering matching rule for IA5 String sysntax ?

Ummm .. checking what RFC3687 (http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc3687) is
in table included in chapter 3.2.2 it looks that
"caseIgnoreOrderingMatch" should
be also allowed for IA5String syntax (read section in this same
explaining it)

   So ... could it be a bug in slapd not allowing these set of matching
(including the "caseIgnoreOrderingMatch" one) to be defined for
IA5String syntax ???

  Actually it looks that RFC4517 does not exclude it. Text in
section 4.2.12 (in this RFC4517) says:

   The caseIgnoreOrderingMatch rule compares an assertion value of the
   Directory String syntax to an attribute value of a syntax (e.g., the
   Directory String, Printable String, Country String, or Telephone
   Number syntax) whose corresponding ASN.1 type is DirectoryString or
   one of its alternative string types.

   IA5String syntax is NOT mentioned into that "e.g." list ... but is it
excluded ? Is it not IA5String syntax another DirectoryString's
alternative string
type as it is PrintableString syntax?

BR / Antonio

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Subject: RE: Case Ignore Ordering matching rule for IA5 String sysntax ?

Hi !

  OK ... we will check that approach.

   Do you know if it was something forgotten in the RFC4517 ?... it
sounds really odd (to me) that PrintableString (that is a subset of
IA5String) and DirectoryString (that is a superset) are allowed syntaxis
for "caseIgnoreOrderingMatch" ... but IA5String is not allowed to use it
(maybe I am missunderstanding/mixing things ....???)

Thanks a lot

BR / Antonio

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Subject: Re: Case Ignore Ordering matching rule for IA5 String sysntax ?

> Hi !
>    We are trying to define (in our own ldap schema) an IA5String 
> attribute type that is required to be managed (from our ldap clients) 
> as "case insensitive"
>    "greaterOrEqual" and "lessOrEqual" filters are required to be 
> managed over this attribute, so we wanted to assigne (in its attribute

> type definition) an ORDERING matching requesting "case insensitive" 
> behaviour
>    According to RFC4517 (http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc4517) there is 
> NO any ordering Matching Rule for IA5String syntax AND case 
> insensitive support.
> We
> tried with the "caseIgnoreOrderingMatch" .. but slapd returns and 
> error (at schema
> loading) as attribute type syntax (IA5String) is not allowed for this 
> "ordering match rule"


>    We checked that defining the attribute as "PrintableString"  works 
> (as "caseIgnoreOrderingMatch"
> is a valid matching rule for that sysntax according to RFC4517) ... 
> but we are really interested in IA5String syntax ....
>    Does openLDAP server technolgy provide a "case insensitive ordering

> match" method for IA5String syntax ?

No.  It doesn't because there's no standard track definition for it. 
However, there's nothing preventing OpenLDAP software from supporting
this non-standard track feature.  Adding custom matching rules is
relatively "trivial".