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Hi all,


You can consider I am fairly new to LDAP Server, let alone OPENLDAP.


But I went through most of the documentation and configured openldap for our Web Site almost year and half to 2 ago.


Now I am required to configure passive fail over for this. I am trying to understand and weigh my options.


1)       What I want to configure?
Two LDAP servers, with their content being in sync at all times.


2)       What should I use?
Slurpd or syncrepl or some other configuration.


3)       What version we are running on?
2.2.13. Sadly but truly, the project does not have the time and resources to update to the latest one.


4)       How are we going to use this replication configuration?

a.       Currently the Web App points to server A.

b.       In case of a catastrophic failure of server A (Machine down, power plug pulled, disk failure, etc), they will point the Web App to server B.

c.       Fix server A.

d.       Point Web App back to server A (I know there is no harm in leaving it pointed to B but that is the way they want. “Return every thing back to how it was”).


I think in order to satisfy 4.b (any updates while pointed to server B while server A is down), both the servers should be Master-Master (N-Way master).


What I am trying to understand is question 2. I am currently going through chapter 14 and 15 of openldap documentation. I noticed there are some slight differences and I want to get your expert opinion so that I am on the right track and not doing my own little weird configuration.


Any help in helping me understand this and decide what to use is much appreciated.