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Re: puzzling Open LDAP dn errors

> Hi all,
> I'm trying to setup and ldap proxy and I'm running into a bunch of bad dn
> errors in my endeavors.
> Currently, my slapd.conf file looks like:
> Database ldap
> Suffix ""
> Uri "ldap://myLdapIP:389";
> Idassert-bind	bindmethod=simple
> 			Binddn="cn=privilagedAcct"
> 			Credentials="privPass"
> Trying to keep it simple as this is only a sandbox setup. The issues I'm
> running into are when I try to change the suffix dn to something useful
> like
> Suffix "dc=mydomain,dc=net"
> Changing suffix to that will produce slaptest errors of "<suffix> invalid
> DN 21 (invalid syntax)"

You've probably hit the 'removed all "include core.schema"' issue.  Can't
tell for sure since you've only posted an excerpt of your slapd.conf.  Or,
the real thing hidden behind "dc=mydomain,dc=net" hides something not