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puzzling Open LDAP dn errors

Hi all, 

I'm trying to setup and ldap proxy and I'm running into a bunch of bad dn errors in my endeavors. 

Currently, my slapd.conf file looks like: 

Database ldap
Suffix ""
Uri "ldap://myLdapIP:389";
Idassert-bind	bindmethod=simple

Trying to keep it simple as this is only a sandbox setup. The issues I'm running into are when I try to change the suffix dn to something useful like 

Suffix "dc=mydomain,dc=net"

Changing suffix to that will produce slaptest errors of "<suffix> invalid DN 21 (invalid syntax)"

I can connect to my ldap server and perform searchs with:

Ldapsearch -LLL "uid=mytestuser" -x -H "ldap://myLdapIP:389"; -D "cn=privilagedAcct,OU=test,dc=mydomain,dc=net" -b "dc=mydomain,dc=net" -W 

I've also tired to change the binddn to cn=privilagedAcct,OU=test,dc=mydomain,dc=net slaptest will then produce
Invalid bind config value binddn=cn=privilagedAcct,OU=test,dc=mydomain,dc=net

I've worked quite a bit with DNs in the past and I can't seem to see anything wrong with the DNs especially since the ldapsearch commands will complete on the running ldap server. 

I'm guessing I'm overlooking something very simple. Any ideas?