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Re: create new ldap database query

mukim pathan wrote:
> Hi Rex,
> How do I do that?  If there are any documentation about it then please
> direct me to that.
> Thank you in advance.
> Regards,
> Mukim Pathan
> On Thu, Jun 4, 2009 at 8:36 PM, Rex Roof <rex@wccnet.edu
> <mailto:rex@wccnet.edu>> wrote:
>     You could make the backup database a slave to your primary database,
>     so that it is constantly being updated.
>     then just switch your config when your primary fails.
>     -Rex


I believe the answer is here >
To be more specific, you will have to take only some parts of Syncrepl
proxy. This could give you better look at things >

And also, our configs (for ilustration):

--- master ----
# Indices to maintain
index                   objectClass             eq

# Indices for SyncRepl
index entryCSN,entryUUID eq

## These indexes are included to support calls such as
## getpwuid(  ), getpwnam(  ), and
## getgrgid(  ).
index     cn,uid        eq
index     uidNumber     eq
index     gidNumber     eq

# Replication - go and get me
overlay syncprov
syncprov-checkpoint 100 10
syncprov-sessionlog 100

# Let the replica DN have limitless searches
limits dn.exact="cn=syncuser,dc=domain,dc=tld" time.soft=unlimited
time.hard=unlimited size.soft=unlimited size.hard=unlimited
--- master ----

--- slave (replica) ----
overlay syncprov

syncrepl        rid=002
# persistent connection
                retry="5 5 300 +"

# reference updates to master
updateref ldaps://master.domain.tld:636
--- slave (replica) ----

Have a nice evening,

Zdenek Styblik
Net/Linux admin
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