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Re: OpenLDAP support for DIT Structure Rules

Howard Chu wrote:
> Andrew Findlay wrote:
>> On Tue, Jun 02, 2009 at 11:39:04AM -0400, James Lentini wrote:
>> Standard - yes. Well supported - no. DIT Structure Rules along with
>> DIT Content Rules are the "standard" way to do this, but hardly anyone
>> implements them.
> [..] we'll probably add them in OpenLDAP 2.5.
> It's a bit late to add to 2.4. Up till now, hardly anyone ever needed them.

Well, I've requested them. ;-)
Serious: If a mechanism is there people will start using it. Many people
are not aware that these even exist in the LDAPv3 standard. They use
what's implemented.

In my case one of my customers will use web2ldap for some rare use-cases
conducted by admins adding administrative entries to an OpenLDAP DSA.
web2ldap already obeys DIT structure/content rules and name forms and
I'm even thinking about letting people specify supplemental LDAPv3
schema information within web2ldap's configuration (for host or
name-space) to guide the admin to do the right thing in the UI.

Also with DIT structure/content rules and name forms you can specify
directory layout and profiled use of object classes in a more formal way
in an operational concept.

Ciao, Michael.