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Re: server redundancy setup

Rex Roof <rex@wccnet.edu> writes:

> I'm migrating our existing openLDAP 2.3 servers into a new setup
> running openLDAP 2.4.
> I will eventually have 4 or 5 servers, hopefully all having the same
> synchronized data, and all accepting writes, if need be.
> Can anyone suggest a configuration where I have 4 servers, all keeping
> themselves in sync, and all accepting writes?
> Can multimaster replication work with more than two servers?  Is that
> the right solution here?

Yes, MMR can be achieved with more than 2 servers, theoretically the
number of hosts is limited by the number of available network
I/O's. Personally I am not in favour of MMR, I would prefer syncrepl
and chaining referrals, if possible.


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