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Re: server redundancy setup

I currently have two servers set up with sync-repl in openldap 2.3, when my primary server goes down, the secondary server seems to become a resource hog, and the writes fail. Perhaps my setup isn't ideal for what i want.

Does syncrepl and chaining referrals require one of the servers to be the ultimate master?

Why do you not favor MMR?


On Jun 1, 2009, at 11:56 AM, Dieter Kluenter wrote:

Rex Roof <rex@wccnet.edu> writes:

I'm migrating our existing openLDAP 2.3 servers into a new setup
running openLDAP 2.4.

I will eventually have 4 or 5 servers, hopefully all having the same
synchronized data, and all accepting writes, if need be.

Can anyone suggest a configuration where I have 4 servers, all keeping
themselves in sync, and all accepting writes?

Can multimaster replication work with more than two servers?  Is that
the right solution here?

Yes, MMR can be achieved with more than 2 servers, theoretically the
number of hosts is limited by the number of available network
I/O's. Personally I am not in favour of MMR, I would prefer syncrepl
and chaining referrals, if possible.


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