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Re: getting rid of "request done" messages

On May 15, 2009, at 6:39 AM, Heiko Petzsch wrote:


I've tried to ask the following question in the openldap-software mailing list:

I have a beginners question: when I log in as root on one of my systems, I
get quite a lot of messages of the form

request done: ld 0x5654f0 msgid 1
request done: ld 0x5654f0 msgid 2

These are likely trace messages from a LDAP client that uses the OpenLDAP client library (-lldap). As OpenLDAP client library will only produce trace messages when the LDAP client software has enabled their production, there appearance implies that some LDAP client software has enabled their production (likely due to how it was ran/ configured). They likely appear on your console due to the way logging is configured on your system.

Could anybody tell me where these messages originate from, and how I can disable them ?

They originate from some LDAP client running with "trace" debugging enabled. You could check the configurations of each LDAP client you are using to see what OpenLDAP error/debugging messaging they have enabled, and then change their configure to suit you. It may also be desirable to change your system logging configuration such that these messages are not directed to the console.

-- Kurt