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getting rid of "request done" messages


I've tried to ask the following question in the openldap-software mailing list:

> I have a beginners question: when I log in as root on one of my systems, I
> get quite a lot of messages of the form
> request done: ld 0x5654f0 msgid 1
> request done: ld 0x5654f0 msgid 2
> ...
> on the console. I assume that they originate from my openldap installation
> - but I don't even understand the mechanism how they are send to me
> (openldap was installed by my predecessor). Could someone please tell me
> how to get rid of these messages ?

The moderator rejected my question, giving as his reason: 
(I hope he doesn't mind being quoted with this)

"Given these messages occurred when you "log in", it is likely that
issue relates to LDAP client software you are using to manage system
log ins.  Your question of "how to get rid of these" is likely lead to
off-topic discussion of that LDAP client software.  However, your
message does at seem to relate to the use of OpenLDAP Software, hence
it suggested you submit your submission to the OpenLDAP-technical

I must admit that I had and have have no certainty at all which software produces these 
messages - I only searched the internet, and saw the same messages in connection with 
questions other people asked about openldap. They are, though, not a direct result of me 
logging in - they arrive continously and even after hours of being logged on.

Could anybody tell me where these messages originate from, and how I can disable them ?

Any help will be appreciated.


Heiko Petzsch
GTS Systems and Consulting GmbH
D-52134 Herzogenrath