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Re: slapd_db_archive log rotation

Thanks for the reply Quanah.

On 2009/4/25 Quanah Gibson-Mount wrote:

> you fail to note what release you are using of OpenLDAP or BDB.  There were
> known issues with some earlier releases failing to checkpoint correctly.

OpenLDAP 2.3.28

I've no idea the version of BDB - how would I find this out ?

> You also fail to note your checkpoint parameter in slapd.conf.

There doesn't seem to be a checkpoint setting in either slapd.conf or
the DB_CONFIG file.

Should there be ?

> Also, rather than manually deleting logs, you can set BDB up to do it for you. See the
> various options that can be set in DB_CONFIG.

Yes, this can be specified with DB_LOG_AUTO_REMOVE but I wish to
backup the log files before I remove them which is why I wish to do
this manually.