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Re: slapd_db_archive log rotation

--On Friday, April 24, 2009 1:13 PM +0100 Andrew Hall <whippyhubbles@googlemail.com> wrote:

Hi there.

I'm using slapd_db_archive with the -a flag to identify BDB logs which
can be safely deleted.

I've recently noticed my logs are building up and -a does not produce
any output.

However the -l flag does successfully list the log files.

Therefore any use of the -d flag to remove them does nothing.

I'm almost certain these old logs are not being used (there's about 20
going back for several months now) but still slapd_db_archive does not
pick up on them.

Can anyone advise what may be happening here or how I can debug this
further ?

you fail to note what release you are using of OpenLDAP or BDB. There were known issues with some earlier releases failing to checkpoint correctly. You also fail to note your checkpoint parameter in slapd.conf. Also, rather than manually deleting logs, you can set BDB up to do it for you. See the various options that can be set in DB_CONFIG.



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